Our Values



Responsibility is commitment. And commitment is the obligation to provide feasible and viable solutions that help resolve conflicts. Responsibility goes beyond contractual terms. These are just the starting point, because About Detectives cannot conceive a service as finished if its contribution is not decisive. Responsibility is a moral duty; it is the primary obligation of our team.


Technology, people and organisational capacity are the three pillars forming our professional approach. Twenty years of About Detectives are 20 years of progress, adaptation and adoption of the best technical and human resource management solutions. Complexity of information requires complex solutions, which in turn involve the creation of ad hoc teams comprised of experienced professionals using the most advanced resources.



To behave and express yourself professionally with consistency and sincerity and in accordance with the values of truth and justice is to exercise your profession in accordance with how you think and feel. Honestly is respect for the truth and, thus, for the value of the information obtained and the professional effort that made it possible. The most honest way of arriving at the truth is how we understand competitive intelligence.